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PolyAssets United was established in Tokyo in 2002 as a company that specializes in managing and producing digital asset contents for computer games, entertainment, vehicle design and computer animation. PolyAssets United also employs a team of talented artists who are able to deliver world class computer graphic(CG) contents. The company offers digital asset production and development services such as 3D modeling animation, CG compositing, special effects, concept art and storyboard. Since its inception, PolyAssets United have been involved in producing various artistic style of CG contents for its clients. The projects handled by PolyAssets United involve producing photorealism renders to cartoony style of art. Some of PolyAssets United notable clients include Nintendo Co.Ltd., Sega Sammy Holdings Inc., Honda Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Inc., Studio Ghibli Inc., Konami Digital Entertainment Co.Ltd., Square Enix Co.Ltd., Koei Tecom Wave Co. Ltd., Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Toyota Motor Inc., Mazda Motor Inc., Walt Disney Inc., Production IG Inc., Capcom Co.Ltd., SNK Co., FromSoftware Inc., GREZZO Co.Ltd., CAMELOT CO.LTD., SNK CORPORATION and other brilliant clients.

Our Clients

Nintendo Co. Ltd.
Walt Disney Japan Ltd.
Tecmo Ltd.
FromSoftware, Inc.
Camelot Co. Ltd.
Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.
Honda Motor Corporation
Nissan Motor Inc.
Studio Ghibli Inc.
Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Koei Techmo Wave Co. Ltd.
Hudson Co. Ltd.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Taito Corporation
Toyota Motor Inc.
Mazda Motor Inc.
Microsoft Japan Inc.
Production I.G. Inc.
Grezzo Co. Ltd.
Capcom Co. Ltd.
Square Enix Co. Ltd.
SNK Corporation