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Motion Capture

PolyAssets United provides motion capture (mocap) services to out clients. With mocap, realistic animation can be done in a short time. Accurate real-life action and minor expression details can be captured and integrated into 3D animation conveniently while complex movement and interaction animation is made easy. Most of all, it is cost effective and short production time is required meaning the production is able to meet deadline.

Our services for mocap include:
・Engaging mocap actors, props and equipment for production
・All action would be shot with out 10 optical vicon cameras
・Mocap shots would be further refined with data clean up
・Handling simple model assignment in motion builder
・Adjustment/touch ups on animation for high polygon count models in Maya or 3DS Max

Sound Engineering

In addition to our computer graphics animation production services, we are also providing sound engineering for your computer graphics content. We are capable of engineering sounds that would be suitable for the animation film, commercial, promotional clip, music video, computer games and more. With our sound engineering services, your computer motion graphic content would be livelier and complete.

Our services for sound engineering include:
・Engaging voice talent for narration or voice acting in multiple language
・Musical composition and scoring
・Engineering sound effects
・Sound mixing and editing with animation data


Our company also provides design, modelling and animation services for automobiles that are suitable for promotional clips, commercial, concept and teasers. We are capable of creating high detail model of machinery parts of vehicle engines, vehicle interior and exterior. Plus our expertise in computer animation, match moving and video compositing that would certainly provide an additional flash for an automotive showcase video.

Our services are suitable for presentation video for private presentation and showcase video for International Moto shows as well as brochures or catalogues for latest model release of different car companies.